Hanna Bianca Dühnen

I finished a Bachelor of Science in Physics at the University of Göttingen and working at the Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research under the supervison of Veronika Witzke and Alexander Shapiro. Currently, I am continuing my studies at the university and working as a research assistant at the Max-Planck Institute.
In my research, I look at turbulent shear flows and investigate the effects of thermal diffusivity. My Bachelor's thesis this was focused on the energy evolution of the fluid and now I investigate the mixing processes.

Research Interests

  • Fluid dynamics and magnetohydrodynamics
  • Data analysis and numerical simulations
  • Mixing processes in stellar interiors
  • Publications

    Selected Presentations

    Press-release paper

    Max-Planck Scientists explain why the Sun's brightness vary. (Picture is © NASA/SDO)