Sowmya Krishnamurthy

I completed my masters in Physics from Bangalore University and joined the Indian Institute of Astrophysics for the doctoral program. I worked as a post doctoral fellow at the Udaipur Solar Observatory in India for five months before I moved to Goettingen in June 2017. At MPS, I joined the Solar Lower Atmosphere and Magnetism group lead by Dr. Andreas Lagg and Prof. Sami Solanki. I received Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship in February 2018 for the project `IMagE' (Impact of Magnetic Field on Emergent solar spectra) with an aim to understand and model the solar irradiance variability in the UV. This project sets off from January 2019 under the guidance of Dr. Natalie Krivova and Dr. Alexander Shapiro.

Research Interests

Spectral line formation and radiative transfer Magnetic activity on the Sun Spectropolarimetric inversion

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Press-release paper

Max-Planck Scientists explain why the Sun's brightness vary. (Picture is © NASA/SDO)